Online marketing

With over 35 combined years of graphic design and web experience, Friends in the Loop can help you get your web presence into shape. We can help you work smarter and not harder!

Online marketing starts with a great website! Depending on your business, if can also include social media, email campaigns, strong SEO and so much more. With all that is involved, it can be easy to get lost in the details. The good news is, we can help. All of our websites are responsive so they look good on any device and are built with a strong SEO platform. Below are a few examples of our recent projects.

Gentle Journeys Birthing

Gentle Journeys Birthing was created for a child birth educator and doula. She used this site to advertise her classes and services as well as house her blog. Over the years, it evolved to also includ an email signup campaign and an ecommerce store.

We we started working together, she said she wanted something soft and inviting like the smell of a newborns head. It also had to be easy to navigate with a lot of relevant content. I thike we achieved all of that and more!

The Perfect Location

The Perfect Location contacted us when they were first starting their business. They had a strong business model and just needed a fact to represent them. We started with a logo and after a few rounds of brainstorming, we found their perfect logo. Once that was nailed down we talked about their need for a site. All they really needed was a landing page and here are the results. All involved we extremely pleased!

Lotus of Life Chiropractic

When we started working with Lotus of Life Chiropractic, they already had a good site and an established brand. It was a little outdated which is why they found us.

We started by freshening up their logo. After that was established, we moved on to their site. After we met to talk about the owners vision for the site, we came up with a few concepts. We working together to narrow it down to one, the owner was in love!

We then migrated all of the existing content over to the new design while also adding in a few more features (like a blog, map and affiliate links.) Once the site was built, we did a training session to make sure the staff knew how to keep a few things updated (like the blog and calendar) and off they went. They still call us to handle some of the bigger changes but empowerment is part of every site we design!

Tactical Mosquito Control

Tactical Mosquito Control contacted us when they were a well-established business. Like many small businesses, they knew they needed a website, so they got one… in 1995. And there is sat. They wanted to bring it current and highlight their new products and services. 

This was a fun project because we got to add a lot of custom touches like a new logo, custom icons and cool animation. After a through training session, they were off and running!

Hypnosis works with Stephanie

This project was a bit of a personal project for us because Stephanie is also a certified hypnotists. It was a really fun project because we really got to let our imagination run. This page included a custom video, email marketing campaign, blog, custom imagery and icons, online web classes and much more.