Get inspired

Here you will find a small sample of some of our past projects. Be sure to check back often as we are always creating something wonderful!

We pride ourselves on being extremely versatile. Stephanie (chief web geek and design diva) started her love of design with an art project. She has always love to create and on this specific day, she was in a quilting mood. She had purchased a quilt kit from local store and wanted to see what it would look like all put together. She had access to Adobe Illustrator and the rest as they say, is history. 

She quickly moved from quilts to t-shirt design because at the time, she was working in a screen-printing company. The company was a bit understaffed, and they welcomed all the help they could get. Withing a few years, she was the head graphic designer working on projects ranging from apparel to logo design, full corporate rebranding to presentations.

Somewhere in that mix, a client asked if she could design a website for them. Always up for a challenge and with a good technical brain, she accepted. The tools have come a long way since those first sites, but the knowledge of those early days is irreplaceable and still helps fuel her design 20 years later.

With a passion for typography, clean functional design, and brand consistency, Stephanie merges fresh ideas with practical implementation.